Good Afternoon Wally & Bea,
 I am writing to thank you for your exceptional service and professionalism.  Our carpets at the Best Western Sicamous Inn have never looked and felt so clean.  We recently had our annual inspection and the carpets were spotless!  Our team has noticed the difference your method has made.  Even on the high traffic areas that we were doubtful could be refreshed and renewed, Chem Dry got the job done.  Wally and Bea do a thorough job and complete the job with outstanding results!  We will be booking them on a regular basis to keep our carpets and upholstery at this property in tip top shape for our Guests.
On a personal note, I also have to say that if you need a product to clean a mattress or carpeted area soiled by pet urine, Chem Dry has the right products to save your mattress or carpet.  I had an older cat with failing kidneys that urinated in several places on my mattress.  I was sure the mattress would have to go to the dump but Wally had a product that eliminated the smell and cleaned the mattress to the point it smelled great and felt brand new!  It was truly a surprise the mattress could be saved and a miracle it could smell so nice and look spotless after being soaked in several spots with cat urine.  Thank you for saving me loads of money.  I never knew such a product existed and will tell everyone and anyone talking with me about a similar issue to call Chem Dry. 
Best Wishes to you both and I will be in touch to arrange our next round of carpet cleaning for the hotel. 
Violet Bandura
Housekeeping Supervisor
Best Western Sicamous Inn